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History Re-indigenized

As Indigenous people, our narratives have often been controlled by people with more systemic power in our society. We want to tell our own histories and share our own stories. This page is dedicated to truth-telling, reclaiming our Indigenous histories and shedding light on our stories.

Columbus's Expedition

U.S. History likes to tell the romanticized tale of Christopher Columbus "discovering" America, a vast land that was already inhabited by thousands of Indigenous people with established communities, lifeways, and spiritual beliefs.

Instead of re-telling the colonial perspective of his arrival, we want to honor the lifeways and legacy of the Taíno people that Columbus first encountered, and acknowledge the impacts that this critical point of colonial genocide has created for Indigenous people.  

Honor the Taíno people

Honor the Mashpee wampanoag people


"Thanksgiving" is a tale that is told time and time again through a white lens, as a holiday that has been memorialized by our society. As Indigenous people, we recognize the harm in romanticizing history and work to reclaim the Indigenous narratives based around "Thanks-taking". Take a look at the truth behind this memorialized day of pain.

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