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Our Programs

Community is as the root of all of the work we do at Spirit of the Sun. With this intention, we offer so many programs to meet the various needs of our community, and to ensure that there are offerings as diverse and complex as the people we serve.

We offer both in-person and virtual events, as well as recurring and one-off events in the Denver-Metro area and beyond. To ensure that our programming is accessible to all, many of our programs are offered at no cost, at multiple times, with accommodations, or with a transportation element. Please click on the items below to learn more.


Distributing healthy food to our Indigenous elders + families and the unhoused community in Denver

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Group mentorship for Indigenous youth that centers an Indigenous model of relationship-building and teachings


Creating equitable access for our youth to gather in outdoor spaces, includes winter programming, ie. Sharewinter


Empowering BIPOC youth to tell their own stories and honor their own imaginations, providing the tools to create

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Educating youth on Indigenous knowledge around resilient land stewardship + foodways


Seasonal yoga classes offered at no cost to our elders, helping them to honor their bodies and prioritize their wellness


Cultivating a holistically healthy environment for Indigenous families from birth


Educational workshops for the BIPOC community on a variety of topics, taught through an Indigenous lens


Educational programming for the community, including school, corporate and organizational talks

seed saving.jpeg

Providing access and community relationship to Indigenous and non-GMO seeds and plant relatives

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Bringing healing Native foodways and traditonal knowledge to youth across Denver

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