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Indigenous science and foodways

youth leadership program


Uplifting the next generation of stewards.

Through our Indigenous Science and Foodways Youth Leadership Program, Spirit of the Sun educates youth on the Indigenous knowledge within our community that is leading the way in resilient land stewardship, native foodways and growing practices, environmental justice, scientific innovation, soil building and water protection. We also train youth to promote their own learned knowledge to help others move through climate change with a lens of climate resilience as advocates and educators! Through workshops on rematriation and mycoremediation, our own youth become the teachers within their communities.

This program allows Indigenous youth to connect with their genetic memory and intergenerational ways of knowing in order to build a reciprocal relationship with the land and their own cultural identities.  Through discussions on kinship and relationality, our youth learn to become good ancestors and stewards of Mother Earth who move forward in their communities to create healthy, balanced ecosystems for the next seven generations.


Please contact if you are interested in joining the 2023 session of our ISF Program as either a youth or a potential workshop co-teacher!

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