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our farm sites

spirit of the sun has been stewarding land in colorado for the past few years but we still do not own our own land.

All of the land that we steward is cared for in line with Indigenous land practices. We grow our Indigenous foodways to restore our ecosystems, feed our community, and preserve our cultural knowledge for future generations. The food from our farms goes directly to our Food Share to feed our elders, their families and the unhoused.


sinom farm

An urban farm plot on N Washington Street in Capitol Hill that houses veggies, herbs and an assortment of flowering perennials to support our native pollinators.  This farm was started by Rasa Humeyumptewa in partnership with Spirit of the Sun.

emerald gardens plot

A rural farm in Bennett, CO that is stewarded by Spirit of the Sun in partnership with Roberto Meza's Emerald Gardens. This plot will be transitioned into a native ecology restoration site by Spirit of the Sun in 2023.


ekar farm plot

An urban farm plot adjacent to a local school that is stewarded by Spirit of the Sun but owned by Ekar Farm. This site is home to our three sisters planting of Indigenous corn, beans and squash, interspersed with Native varieties of sunflowers.

englewood medicine garden

A large farm/garden located in Englewood, CO that is owned by Jimmi Bacon and stewarded in part by Spirit of the Sun. We cultivate this land through the intent of Indigenous plant-based medicine while also growing some other perennial crops, forbs and fruit trees.


drylands agroecology research seed partnership

Through a partnership with Drylands Agroecology Research, Spirit of the Sun donated Indigenous seeds to be cultivated and cared for through the intentional stewardship of DAR and Harvest of All First Nations.

Indigenous foodscapes demonstration garden

This is a small suburban garden hosting Indigenous foodscapes in partnership with local North Park Hill homeowner Gary. In 2022, the site was innoculated with mycelium through an educational workshop with our Native Youth in order to improve the soil and ecosystem health in the neighborhood. 


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