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Outdoor equity

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Being outdoors should be accessible for all.

During the pandemic, Spirit of the Sun saw many of our community members becoming disconnected from the outdoors. For the youth who showed interest in outdoor activities, we witnessed repeated barriers of race, money, transportation, and lack of experience. As people who are originally from this land, we view these barriers to access as especially harmful.  So, we responded.

Since 2021, we have been partnering with Share Winter to bring Native youth up to the mountains for skiing and snowboarding lessons. We have since launched our winter and summer programs to help keep youth engaged in doing extracurricular activities. Our goal in these programs is to keep Native kids engaged with the natural world through activities that will build self confidence, create lasting relationships, and tackle both the physical and mental health risks that are compounded by a sedentary lifestyle along the way! This summer, we will be offering monthly outdoor equity trips for youth AND their families that encompass a wide range of outdoor activities!


Please contact if you are interested in chaperoning one of our outdoor equity trips OR if you would like to sign your youth up to attend an outdoor event. We are looking for chaperones with experience in a certain area of outdoor activities not limited to skiing, snowboarding, climbing, fishing, hiking etc.

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