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Indigenous Toddlers and teachings Program

Offered Once a month

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Raising children within their culture creates a healthy foundation for growth.

The toddler program (ITTP) is designed to uplift Native toddlers by giving them the confidence in their early developing skills while maintaining strong cultural connections. Our strategy emphasizes the need to not only teach valuable fine-motor/gross-motor skills, but to do so in a way that builds the resiliency and sense of self that they will need in their development as youth in the Native community. Through this once a month program, each child will participate in a meaningful gathering to help build a connection to the natural world. Through a series of outdoor programming, children will build respect for insects, plants, each other and for Mother Earth while becoming familiar with the idea of kinship. These activities engage sensory play, ecology, mathematics, science, history, and tribal languages.


The children who participate in our program will come away with new skills, a supportive network of peers, adults, and elders, and a drive to better their communities.  There will be several opportunities for intergenerational collaboration as we create an environment that cultivates and uplifts the curiosity of each child.


Please fill out the form on our contact page if you are interested in joining this program! 

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