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Youth Media hub

Seasonally, on saturdays


EMpowering bipoc communities to tell tell our own stories

The Youth Media Hub is an Indigenous-led arts and liberatory education program. The current program is running from March through June. This no-cost program is intended to engage BIPOC youth, ages 14-19, with various forms of re-Indigenized digital storytelling and media. As BIPOC people, we often witness how our narratives can be controlled by people with more systemic influence in our society, and we are often not given the space to tell our own stories.


In this program, local youth will join a creative community where they have access to the tools used in creative storytelling. Through an intersectional and responsive curriculum, they will be encouraged and supported in holding their own stories and the stories of their communities and gain a confidence in expressing their views. Youth will leave this program with the skills and experience needed to move confidently through the world as knowledge-keepers and creators, re-Indigenizing storytelling and breathing life into the futures they imagine.


The Youth Media Hub has 3 focus areas: Photography, Audio, and Videography. Students are welcome to sign up for 1, 2, or all 3 of the focus areas! 

To learn more about the Youth Media Hub, please email

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